RIGO Dental Lab
145 Main Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055

Rigo Dental Lab is family owned and has been in operation for over 20 years, as a result of providing superior products and outstanding service. Owner, Rigoberto Lopez, has developed innovative products for dental patients and dental laboratories’ processes that improve designs and increase patient’s comfort as well as saving time and money in their production. Mr. Lopez originally contacted the William Paterson University SBDC for assistance in marketing his services to dentists in the Passaic County area.

The SBDC assisted Mr. Lopez in obtaining critical, specific market studies including information on: Inventions/New Products, Copyrights, Patent and Trademark Information, along with Trade Association and Trade Show lists. The client was also in need of detailed information on market competition and potential customers, which the SBDC was successful in providing. After review of the trademark logo write-up and design which Rigo had prepared, our SBDC consultant Reina Valenzuela guided the company owner on how to file it with the USPTO. Within a few months, Rigo Dental Labs was ready to launch a full scale marketing campaign in the northern New Jersey area, targeting all cosmetic dentists in Passaic, Bergen and Essex counties.

With several new inventions pending, Rigo grew wary of the protection of his intellectual property rights and was considering Non-Disclosure Agreements with all parties involved prior to sending to production. Through the SBDC’s extensive resources, Reina connected Rigo with an attorney for general guidance on agreements and licensing, and subsequently a patent lawyer that specializes in medical devices. The attorney advised Rigo to file for provisional patents, which in conjunction with new manufacturing and marketing efforts, proved to be a costly process.

The SBDC referred Rigo to various lenders for financing where our consultant acted as liaison to all to ensure all necessary documents were in place for loan approval. Additionally, Reina assisted Rigo in registering a new LLC to manage all patent products. Rigo Dental Technologies LLC was the name chosen for which a new logo and marketing materials are being developed.
In the 2 years the SBDC has been working with Rigo Dental Labs, they have developed products such as an implant bar, flexible partials, and other devices; 4 patents have been filed plus 1 trademark, and an additinal full-time employee was hired. Sales of one product with the patent pending represents a 5% increase in sales revenue, client expects this to increase to 10% of total sales by year end.

Rigo Dental Lab has also been approved for up to $50,000 in loans. At the present time, Rigo is interviewing manufacturers for product licensing and distribution.